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WhyQ January Promo Codes

Craving authentic local hawker food?

We've got discounts for you with WhyQ's promo codes!

There's promo codes ranging from free deliveries, $4 off your orders and even up to 50% off your carts!

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Food Promo Codes


  • $3 off your first WhyQ order and get $2 WhyQ credits auto-credited into your wallet after your first order checkout!
  • No end date specified


  • Up to 50% off WhyQ orders when you order more times in one week
  • 10% off 1st order
  • 20% off 2nd order
  • 30% off 3rd order
  • 40% off 4th order
  • 50% off 5th order
  • Capped at $3.00 per transaction
  • Valid for only one order per day
  • Valid for a limited time period only

Promo Codes Tied to Bank Cards


  • Limited to the first 500 redemptions daily.
  • $2 off for each transaction
  • Minimum cart amount of $6
  • 2 redemptions per month
  • Valid till 30th June 2022
  • Valid via in-app DBS PayLah! payment mode


  • $6 off your first order when you pay via PayLah
  • Limited to the first 500 redemptions daily
  • Minimum cart amount of $10
  • Applicable for new WhyQ users (Customer must sign up for a WhyQ Account in order to utilise this coupon code)
  • Each user is only entitled to 1 redemption
  • Valid till 30th June 2022
  • Valid via in-app DBS PayLah! payment mode


  • $5 off their first purchase on WhyQ and 10% off their subsequent purchases
  • 10% off discount is capped $3
  • Valid for 4th December 2019 - 31st December 2022
  • Applicable for DBS/ POSB payment methods (DBS/POSB Cards, DBS Points, Paylah!)

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