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December 2023 Must Visit Pasar Malams list in Singapore

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Pasar Malams, which translates to "night markets" in Malay, are a common sight in Singapore. These vibrant and bustling outdoor markets typically operate from late afternoon until late at night, and offer a wide range of goods and services, from local street food and snacks to affordable apparels, toys, and electronics.

Originally a traditional Malay concept, Pasar Malams in Singapore have evolved to include a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities, making them a unique reflection of the city-state's multi-cultural identity. They are often held in various neighborhoods throughout the island, providing a convenient and affordable way for residents and visitors alike to experience a slice of local life and culture.

In recent years, some Pasar Malams have also incorporated live music and games, further adding to their festive and lively atmosphere. Despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and changing retail landscape, Pasar Malams remain a beloved and integral part of Singapore's cultural heritage, providing a glimpse into the city-state's vibrant and diverse street culture.

Now that Pasar Malams are back in full force, here's our list of the Pasar Malams you must visit in December 2023!

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December Must Visit Pasar Malams




In conclusion, Singapore is a city that's full of exciting cultural events, and Pasar Malams are just one of them.

These night markets offer a unique and unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike. So, be sure to visit these Pasar Malams and immerse yourself in Singapore's vibrant culture!

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