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Ultimate List of Student deals and discounts in Singapore 2024 (Updated April 2024)

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Being a student means that we are always on a tight budget and are mindful of not overspending our allowance. In Singapore, enjoying good food and activities with friends can be expensive.

We have created a list of student discounts for 2024. It includes categories like food, technology, and more.

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Attention students! Are you feeling down now that school is starting up again? Our exclusive student deals are here to brighten up your semester.

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1. No 17Tea - $2.50 Student Special

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to satisfy your cravings without emptying your pockets. Cheers to good times, great tea, and even better savings at No. 17Tea!

2. Virtual Room - 20% off VR Escape Room Adventures

Step into a world where time and space are at your command. Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and work together with your team to overcome challenges like never before. Virtual Room is offering an exclusive 20% discount on their VR experiences!

3. MONDAY COFFEE BAR - 20% off any beverage

Soak in the calming ambience of a cafe after school! MONDAY COFFEE BAR is offering 20% any drinks for students.

4. Scrunchietti - 10% off total purchase

Keep your hair tame with scrunchies from Scrunchietti! Students can enjoy an exclusive 10% off the bill!

5. The Braces Practice - Student Braces from $3700

Get braces as a student starting at $3700, which covers consultation, pre and post-treatment X-rays and photos, study models, and includes one set of clear retainers. Complete orthodontic care at an affordable price.


Japanese Food

6. Shaburi & Kintan Buffet - Kintan Buffet Student Meal from $12.80++

If you have ever wondered, how much can $9.80 get you as a student, it is more than you think. At Shaburi, students can enjoy a healthy and satisfying 60 min lunch at an unbeatable price starting from $9.80++! It includes (1) shabu-shabu meat plate, soup, unlimited items (i.e. vegetables, mushrooms, sushi, karaage and etc) from the buffet bar, free flow drinks and even ice cream! 

7. Suki-ya - $18.90+ Student Lunch Promotion

Maybe it is the end of the school term or the end of a paper that you have been dreading, and you feel like giving yourself a treat for a job well done. At only $18.90++, Suki-ya's After School Shabu Shabu Buffet would be the perfect treat for you and your friends to gather and celebrate. Sometimes, it is alright to spend a little more to reward yourself 🥰

8. Monster Curry - $9.90 Student Delights

Monster Curry is rewarding students with its attractive student promotion meal. Pick your choice of Japanese curry rice plus a drink at only $9.90!

9. Yoshinoya - Choice of Bowl + Dessert of the day at $8

You're in for a treat! Show your student ID to enjoy a delectable Japanese rice bowl for $8 each! And be sweetened by our daily dessert on the side.

10. Pepper Lunch - From $8 Student Meal

At $8, enjoy a hearty student meal deal at Pepper lunch! Want more? Top up $2.50 for L-size on all pepper rice items or enjoy 15% off on all ala-carte main dishes from 5 to 10pm!

11. Sō Ramen - Student Meal from $8.90

Recharge your energy with Sō Ramen's budget-friendly Student Meal, featuring a delectable main course accompanied by a beverage of your preference, starting from just $8.90++. Available on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) between 2pm and 5pm at all our outlets.

12. Tamago-EN - From $9.90 Student Meal
Savor our Super Value Student Meal starting at just $9.90. A delicious deal designed for students seeking great taste at a great price.

13. Umisushi - 20% off all regular-priced items for students

Calling all students! Enjoy a rewarding meal with our exclusive student promotion—20% off all regular-priced items at islandwide Umisushi stores. Remember to share this good deal with your friends!

Western Food

14. Eighteen Chefs - Student Meals from $8.80

Talk about great western food at an affordable price, that’s Eighteen Chefs for you. While their meals are already priced reasonably, as a student, you get a real bang for your buck with a full meal (drinks included) for just $8.80!

15. Big Fish Small Fish - Student's Catch Promos

If you are looking for an affordable and quality fish and chips, then Big Fish Small Fish's student meal is for you! From $5.90, student's catch comes with 1 soft drink and choice of 1 base Available on weekdays all day, excluding eve of/public holidays Valid with student pass or school uniform

16. Collin's Grille - $5 off any dish

COLLIN'S is one of the popular western places to go for a wide selection of food ranging from pastas to pizza. As students, you can get their Signature Crispy Chicken Cutlet, Truffle Mushroom with Wagyu Meatballs Pasta and more at half the price!

17. Jack's Place - $9.90 Student Set

When we think of affordable steaks, Jack's Place is definitely the first place that pops in our mind. At only $9.90, students can choose a main course such as the juicy Striploin Steak & Sausage Aglio Olio Spaghetti , Seafood Baked Rice and more. Each set also comes with 1 free side dish where you can choose between the soup of the day or soft drink or a single scoop of gelato.

18. ASTONS Specialities - $2 Off All Main Course

Another popular restaurant for western food is definitely ASTONS Specialities. Their quality food and cozy ambience makes it a good place to catch up with your friends. Students can enjoy $2 off ALL main courses, yes ALL and a free soft drink as well! To all our Muslim friends, this deal is also available at their Halal Certified Andes by ASTONS restaurant.

19. Fish & Co. - Student meal from $10.90 nett

Fish & Co. has updated their Too Cool For School student menu with more choices! From $9.90, students can get their signature Best Fish & Chips, Singapore Fish & Chips, Grilled Chicken Baked Rice and more! The student meal also comes with free flow soft drinks and you can also choose to add on $3.50 to get either a specialty drink or soup of the day or 3 pieces of drumlets!

20. Pastamania - Student deal from $4.90

One of the best student meals out there is definitely the one at Pastamania! At only $5.90, you can enjoy your favourites such as the Cheesy Chicken Sausage, Mac & Cheese with Turkey Bacon and more! If you like to be more creative, you can build your own pasta from $4.90! Also, from just $3, you can make it a set meal with a drink and choose between Soup of the Day, Waffles Potatoes, Cheesy Garlic Bread (2pcs) or Cheesy Sticks (3pcs).

21. Guzman Y Gomez - Student Meal Combo at $9.90

Craving for Mexican food? Guzman Y Gomez got you covered with their Student Meal Combo! For $9.90, you can enjoy a mini chicken burrito or bowl, fries and a cup of soft drink!

22. The Tree Cafe - $2 off all mains

Looking for a cafe to study at or hang out? You can enjoy $2 off all menu items (except Soup & Salad, Kids Special, Snacks, Desserts and Drinks) when you flash your student card at The Tree Cafe!

22. Hot Tomato - From $10.50 nett lunch specials

At $10.50 to $14.50 net per person, students can enjoy a weekday promotion from 11am to 5.30pm at Hot Tomato! Enjoy a free glass of iced lemon tea, fresh lime juice or coke to compliment your meal.

23. ANDES by ASTONS - $2 off all main course

Catch up with your friends at ANDES by ASTONS! Students can enjoy $2 off ALL main courses, and receive a complimentary soft drink as well!

24. Eatzi Gourmet - $9.90 Student meal

Craving something comforting and warm? Enjoy Eatzi Gourmet's $9.90 Student Set inclusive of 1 main course and 1 free side! Main courses include seafood baked rice, Striploin steak and sausage with Aglio olio spaghetti, and more.

25. Gelare - $5 Student Classic

Waffle and ice cream lovers! Don't miss this exclusive deal at Gelare's The Star Vista outlet for a $5 classic waffle best shared with your friends!

26. Manhattan Fish Market - $7.90 Meal

Come down and try Manhattan Fish Market's Newly launched Student Meal at $7.90 only!

27. Swensens - Student Special from $10.80

Weekday Student Meal available for dine-in from Mondays to Fridays. Choice of main and drink meal for either $10.80 set or $13.80 set.

28. Pizza Hut - Student meals from $5.90 & Free Flow Drinks

The best thing about being a student? Student meal deals at Pizza Hut! With prices starting at $5.90, enjoy free flow soft drinks plus a choice of main course from a selected range, on weekdays between 11am to 5pm. So hurry down to Pizza Hut, the studying can wait. 

29. Jinjja Chicken - $7.50 Student Meal

Korean Fried Chicken is possibly one of the best inventions and now as students, you can enjoy delicious wings or drumsticks coated with rich and savoury sauces at Jinjja Chicken for only $7.50! The student meal also includes fries and soda!

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Asian Food

30. Tuk Tuk Cha - $7.90 Student Meal

Who doesn't love Thai food? Well, you will love it even more with this Student Special at only $7.90. Tuk Tuk Cha's student meal includes a Signature Main and a regular size beverage of your choice. What's even better is that you can top up $3 or $4.50 to enjoy sweet Thai desserts to complete your meal!

31. COCA - $30++ Student Buffet

Craving for a hotpot buffet and willing to splurge a little more? Then you can indulge in COCA's amazing student buffet for $30++ on weekdays and eat to your heart's content!

32. Chen's Mapo Tofu - Student Meal from $8.90

Enjoy Chen's main dishes starting at just $8.90 by simply display your student ID! If you're feeling particularly peckish, you can also add on to make it a set, which includes chosen sides and a non-alcoholic beverage of your choosing.

33. Seoul Garden - $17.90+ Weekday Lunch Buffet

Korean food lovers, you can't miss this. Seoul Garden is offering a weekday lunch buffet at $17.90+ on weekdays from 11.30am to 4pm (Exclude PH). Simply bring your student pass, and your friends!

34. Greendot - $6.90 bento sets for students

If you are vegetarian and want more flavour in your vegetarian dishes than what you get in school, you need to try Greendot. Regular Bento Sets and Noodles that usually cost $8.50 to $8.90 are priced at just $6.90 for students! You can even top up 1.00 to upgrade your Main to a Premium Main. 

Beverages & Desserts

Beverages & Desserts Student Deals

35. Ice Bar - 10% off total bill

Unlock 10% off your total bill at Ice Bar, all day, every day! Just flash your valid student pass and savor the savings.

36. AtTea 署茗職茶 - $2.50 Student Deal

Attention to all students, time to treat yourself with AtTea's student deal! For just $2.50, you can enjoy any medium-sized drinks and toppings of your choice! Or you can always top up $1 to get your drink upsized!

37. Gong Cha - $2.50 Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly

Gong Cha's got just the thing to get you through the week. Enjoy Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly at $2.50 for M-sized or at $3.50 for L-sized.

38. Cat & the Fiddle Cakes - 10% off for students

Students, flash your student pass to enjoy 10% off cakes at Cat & the Fiddle Cakes! Have some cake to destress from your studies! 😋

For a special price of just $4, students get not just a small-sized latte but also a butter croissant or Pain au Chocolat, yummy!

39. Coconut Queen - Original Coconut Shake at $3.60
Coconut Queen's Original Coconut Shake is now available for students at a discounted price of $3.60 for a medium size. Delightful combination of creamy coconut treats at an incredible price.

40. Gelare - $5 Student Classic Waffle
Indulge in Gelare's $5 Student Classic Waffle deal, a treat crafted just for you. Available exclusively at Gelare, The Star Vista, it's a sweet steal not to be missed!

41. Bober Tea - 20% discount student special
Savor your favorite drinks with a refreshing 20% discount on the total bill, applicable to every beverage on the menu. Quench your thirst and enjoy more for less!

Cinemas & Karaoke

Cinema and Karaoke Student Deals

42. Cathay Cineplex - Student privileges from $6/ticket

Grab $6 movie tickets all day every Tuesday, and enjoy $7 deals before 6pm from Monday to Friday at any Cathay Cineplex. Catch your favorite films at unbeatable prices!

43. WE Cinemas - Movie Tickets from $7 for Students

What is student life without some good entertainment! At WE Cinemas, Students can watch regular 2D movies for just $7, but on Mondays to Wednesdays before 6pm only. 

44. Shaw Theatres - Regular Movie Tickets at $7 for Students

Similarly Shaw Theatres also let students like you catch films for just $7. Simply present your student pass and enjoy movies at this rate on Mondays to Fridays before 6pm.

45. Filmgrade Cineplexes - $7 Movie Ticket for Students

Filmgrade Cineplexes has student tickets priced at $7.00 / ticket. You can upgrade to a $10.00 Student Bundle if you want to have a snack during the movie. A student bundle includes 1 Movie Ticket, 1 Small Popcorn and 1 Small Drink!

46. Eagle Wings Cinematics - $7 Movie Tickets for Students

Eagle Classic has 2D Movie tickets for students at $6.50. Catch a movie at this special price in Eagle Classic Cinema Halls on weekdays, 9am to 5pm only!

47. Golden Village - $7 Movie Tickets

Students rejoice! Get great discounts on 2D and 3D movie tickets. This offer is valid for screenings at selected premium halls (GVmax® Dolby Atmos®, Duo Deluxe, Deluxe Plus & Gemini) before 6pm from Monday to Friday.

48. Have Fun Karaoke - $10 nett per pax

Feeling a little stressed out? No worries! Get ready to sing your heart out at Have Fun Karaoke and enjoy 50% off by simply flashing your student pass!

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Games & Sports

Games and Sports Student Deals

49. Playnation - Student Package from $14.90++

Want to enjoy console and board games with your friends? Enjoy Playnation's Student Package for 3 hours of console and board gaming starting at $14.90++ on weekdays. The weekend package is $18.90++ for three hours of board and console games. Plus, all packages come with unlimited food and drinks.

50.  Xcape Singapore - $6 off per pax

For students who love to solve mysteries, Xcape Singapore has got you covered. Simply flash your student card to enjoy $6/pax Off!

51. Anytime Fitness - 17% off student membership

Did you know that exercise is a good way to relieve stress? Students can simply flash your student card to enjoy 10% off 12-months membership with no joining fee!

52. Orchid Bowl - From $3.50 per game

Planning a fun time with your buddies? Enjoy $3.50 per game with a valid student pass at Orchid Bowl!

53. Bounce Singapore - $23.90 for first hour

What is student life without fun and GAMES. Get your adrenaline rush by jumping as high as you can at Bounce Singapore. The student price for your first hour will be $22.90 (U.P. $26.90) and second hour at $17.

54. Singapore Sports Hub - $8/pax 2-hour Kayaking (non-peak)

Do you prefer water sports over activities like climbing and jumping? How about renting a kayak or canoe from Singapore Sports Hub to burn some calories after school! Student prices start at just $8 per pax for 2 hours. 


Student Technology Deals

55. Razer - Razer Education Program: Up to 15% off

Great news for student gamers who are big fans of Razer! The Razer Education Program wants you to fully maximise your potential, whether you're at work or play. As a student, you can register on Razer's education page for exclusive privileges such as 15% off accessories, 10% off PC components, 5% off laptops & monitors and gaming chairs.

56. Microsoft - 10% off Surface products for Students

Microsoft has even better student discounts for their Surface laptops and products - 10% off Surface products and free access to Office 365 Education with a valid student email address. Wow. 

57. Notion - Notion for Education

Are you someone who likes to create a to-do list for the day and keep your notes organised? Have you heard of Notion? Well, now you do! It is free for students and all you have to do is simply sign up with your school email address! Let's get organised!

58. The Economist - 75% off for students

Stay updated with current issues and understand the world's biggest issues with your student subscription. Gain full access to fact-checked coverage on authoritative global news and analysis. Enjoy 75% off General Digital Subscription for monthly or yearly subscriptions!

59. Challenger - Free student membership

During technical emergencies in school, whether we need a flash drive or an usb cable, Challenger is the go-to place to instantly stock up. That is why a 12-month Challenger ValueClub Student Membership is crucial. All you need is a valid student email address to apply for the membership and you could be saving up to 30% as a member!

Additionally, when you spend $100 within 12 months from the day you sign up, the Student Membership will be converted to Student Plus, a 28-month membership (inclusive of the complimentary 12 months).

60. Apple - ​​Education Pricing on Mac, iPad and more

You can also save on a new Mac or iPad, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, get 20% off on AppleCare+ and more with Apple education pricing. Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students, as well as teachers and staff at all levels. Psst... Did we also mention FREE Apple Airpods?

61. Storytel SG - Buy 1, get 3 months free
Attention students! Enjoy 3 months of unlimited Storytel audiobooks for the price of just 1. Make sure to use the provided links to access this special offer and unlock endless stories.

62. Yamaha - Additional 20% off Student Promotion

Discover TRUE SOUND with Yamaha’s latest Earbuds and Headphones, and get an additional 20% Discount for all Secondary, Polytechnic and University students in Singapore!

Apparel, Beauty & Shopping

Apparel, Beauty & Shopping Student Deals

63. Nike - 10% off most Nike items

When you think of sports shoes, you think of Nike. Nike didn’t forget about you as well!  Eligible college and university students can take advantage of a 10% discount on Nike orders. To claim the discount, simply verify your student status with SheerID and you'll receive a single-use promo code for 10% off most Nike items. Hooray!

64. Apgujeong Hair Studio - 20% off all hair services

Pamper yourself with a haircut or hair treatment! Enjoy 20% off all hair services at Apgujeong Hair Studio when you present your student card.

65. Cotton On - 15% Student Discount

As students, you will require comfortable and stylish clothes for hanging out with your friends during your weekend breaks! That's possible at affordable prices now as students can benefit from Cotton On’s 15% Student Discount. For instant access to this discount, simply register and verify your student status with UNiDAYS.
66. Sephora - Students get 10% off

Beauty Pass Alert: Students score a 10% discount! Just show your student ID in-store for an exclusive deal. Available Monday to Friday until 6pm.

We hope you find this list useful and even get to discover deals that you never knew before. Don't forget to share this post with your friends so that you can all save moolah together!

If you want to stay up to date with current student deals and not scour through the internet, this link right here will make sure you never miss out on ongoing student promotions and avoid browsing through long blog posts like this (we check all the deals validity)😉

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on 21 March, 2023 and was updated on 12 Apr, 2024 for accuracy.

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